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  • Michael Cobb, Application Security

    Michael Cobb, Application Security

    Renowned security author Michael Cobb is SearchSecurity's resident expert on application and platform security. Read Michael's advice on Web application, database and virtualization security or ask him a question about your specific security needs.

  • Nick Lewis, Enterprise Threats

    Nick Lewis, Enterprise Threats

    Expert Nick Lewis is an information security officer at Saint Louis University. As SearchSecurity's resident threats expert, Nick offers advice on malware, DoS attacks, security awareness training and more. Ask Nick a question today.

  • Mike Chapple, Enterprise Compliance

    Mike Chapple, Enterprise Compliance

    Mike Chapple, senior director for IT service delivery at the University of Notre Dame, is SearchSecurity's compliance expert. Read his advice on compliance, standards and frameworks or ask a question about your enterprise's compliance needs.

  • Joseph Granneman, Security Management

    Joseph Granneman, Security Management

    With more than 20 years of technology experience, Joseph Granneman is SearchSecurity's resident expert on information security management. Read his archive of articles or ask your own questions about enterprise security management.

  • Kevin Beaver, Network Security

    Kevin Beaver, Network Security

    Information security consultant, writer and speaker Kevin Beaver is SearchSecurity's network security expert. Read his advice on firewalls, remote access, IDS/IPS and other network topics or ask him a question about your network security woes.

  • Ernie Hayden, Contributor

    Ernie Hayden, Contributor

    With more than 35 years of experience, Ernie Hayden, CISSP, CEH, has extensive knowledge in the areas of security management, incident response and security careers. Read his archive of exclusive SearchSecurity advice.

  • Gary McGraw, Contributor

    Gary McGraw, Contributor

    Secure software development expert Gary McGraw is the CTO of Cigital Inc. and the author of eight best-selling books on software security. Read Gary's advice here on SearchSecurity.

  • Lisa Phifer, Contributor

    Lisa Phifer, Contributor

    With more than 25 years of experience, Lisa Phifer has plenty of advice to offer on network, wireless and mobile security. Check out her articles on antimalware, mobile data protection, endpoint security and more.

  • Karen Scarfone, Contributor

    Karen Scarfone, Contributor

    Karen Scarfone, principal consultant at Scarfone Cybersecurity, provides consulting services and has coauthored more than 50 NIST Special Publications and Interagency reports in the past decade. Read her advice here on SearchSecurity.