Steps to take in buying a network-based intrusion prevention system

This guide offers advice on the steps you need to take before buying a network-based intrusion prevention system.

Why are you buying a network-based intrusion prevention system?

Seems like a basic question, but it's a vital first step to take in making an important and expensive purchase for your midmarket IT organization. If you're an SMB, you cannot afford to make a mistake when laying out tens of thousands of dollars for an IPS, and you need to ask many questions of yourself, your network administrators and vendors.

Get the answer to this important question and many others in this seven-part series on buying an IPS. Expert Joel Snyder takes a deep dive into what considerations you need to make, regardless of product or vendor. You'll learn how to evaluate and prioritize the applications and protocols you need to protect, understand your IPS performance requirements, what IPS form factor best suits your needs and how you'll manage the log data created by your new IPS.


  Introduction: Buying an intrusion prevention system
  Determine why you need intrusion prevention
  Determine the approach you require
  Decide which applications and protocols your IPS will protect
  Determine your performance requirements
  Determine your form factor requirements
  Determine your management requirements
  Test using your network and traffic
This was first published in August 2009

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