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Quiz: Securing your first remote office

A five-question multiple-choice quiz to test your understanding of the content presented by expert David Strom in this lesson of's Integration of Networking and Security School. Security School
This quiz is part of Securing your first remote office: Solutions for less than $10,000 , a lesson in's Integration of Networking and Security School. Visit the Securing your first remote office: Solutions for less than $10,000 lesson page for additional learning resources.

1. Which best describes the most appropriate circumstances for an agentless endpoint security approach?

  1. A managed laptop to which you can have administrative rights and push software for protection.
  2. An unmanaged laptop that is used by someone from outside your organization.
  3. A way to secure Macintosh and Linux endpoints.
  4. A way to set up secure VLANs.

2. Which is the acronym for Cisco's endpoint security architecture?

  1. NAC
  2. TNC
  3. CCA
  4. NAP

3. What is the name of the more popular antivirus toolkit that is utilized by many endpoint and SSL VPN vendors?

  1. Microsoft Live Care
  2. Norton Antivirus
  4. OWASP

4. Which Windows versions will be supported directly by Microsoft's endpoint security architecture?

  1. Windows Server 2003 and Windows Vista
  2. Windows Vista and Windows XP
  3. Windows Server 2003 and Longhorn Server
  4. All of the above

5. What endpoint security task best describes the ability to fix problems with the endpoint when it doesn't pass the initial security tests?

  1. Health assessment
  2. Policy definition
  3. Remediation
  4. Enforcement

If you answered two or more questions incorrectly, revisit the materials from the lesson Securing your first remote office: Solutions for less than $10,000:

  • Tip: How to set up a UTM firewall to secure a remote office
  • Video: Securing your first remote office: Solutions for under $10,000
  • Podcast: Real-world best practices for securing remote offices
  • This was last published in March 2009

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