Streamlining your network security infrastructure

Keeping up your security posture can be a challenge when you have a limited amount of money. With so many new threats and products coming out, your midmarket organization needs a plan to maintain the best possible security.

In this video, Jennifer Jabbusch outlines how to streamline your network security infrastructure. Learn some ways to leverage what equipment and resources you already have, as well as what your budget should be spent on.

About the speakerJennifer Jabbusch is an infrastructure security consultant with Carolina Advanced Digital, Inc., a security integrator based in North Carolina. Jennifer specializes in areas of network security, NAC/NAP, 802.1X and wireless security and consults for a variety of government agencies, educational institutions and Fortune 100 and 500 corporations. She serves as a contributing SME on access control, business continuity and telecommunications, and lead SME in the cryptography domains of the official (ISC)2 CISSP courseware and maintains the SecurityUncorked blog.

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